1. Chocolate is the only food that can melt at your body temperature
That means that the moment it hits your tongue, it will immediately start to melt.
2. M&Ms were created for soldiers
The coated chocolate pieces were invented so soldiers could enjoy chocolate without it melting. 

3. Eating chocolate is good for you
Sort of. Eating dark chocolate reduces your risk of heart disease. 

4. We can credit the creation of Nutella to an Italian
An Italian pastry maker invented Nutella, so he could extend his cocoa supply. He mixed hazelnuts into his chocolate. 
5. Chocolate is an immediate mental stimulant
It can help improve cognitive ability and focus.

6. The origins of chocolate aren't pretty
Chocolate is actually created using rotting cocoa beans. 

7. Chocolate > kissing
Chocolate creates an intense mental high and gets your heart pounding more then kissing does. So yep, chocolate is better then kissing. 
8. Chocolate milk is a good post-work-out-drink
9. White chocolate isn't the real stuff
White chocolate isn't actually chocolate. It doesn't contain any cocoa beans. 

10. Chocolate can literally soothe heartache
Chocolate contains "anadamide", named after the Sanskrit word for bliss, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that temporarily blocks feelings of pain and anxiety. 

Well there you go, the kissing one definitely surprised us!